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    Share your sessions easily with your instructor, fitter and friends and bring your putting performance to the highest level.

    ZENIO's data offers the most efficient training for a consistent putting strategy: impact positions for feel, rhythm for mental balance and face rotation for direction.

    • 25 seconds set up on every putter
    • Real world training
      in- and outdoors
    • Precise sensor technology
    • Android and Windows software

What are the most of important keys to successful putting?


Finding a simple repeatable posture and putting strategy makes it easy to putt your best. With your personal best body posture, grip and stroke type your results will be more consistent. Intuitive putting is made simple.


Consistency needs to be evaluated under real world conditions not in a putting lab! Putting outdoors under windy conditions will give you the relevant feedback of the stability of your putting strategy and setup. Then: other aspects of good putting like green reading can be easily integrated into your training routine.


You are human not a robot - so you have good days and bad days. On bad days your posture or rhythm might be poor - use the easy to use ZENIO with your smartphone - to return to your personal best easily. Unprecedented training efficiency - key to lower putting scores!


Using your smartphone is not only convenient, but gives you a new revolutionary option to access the best putt training tips and support from your instructor, fitter, friend or the eZENIO academy. ZENIO's software offers the most successful training program: Find my Best - Test my Best for serious improvement.

Find the ZENIO Edition to meet your demands:

  • Using the ZENIO training program I lowered my putting stats significantly. Improving not only on a 10 feet straight putt but also on all different slope and break putts is the key to best putting performance.

    Tour player
  • The ZENIO system makes instruction and putter fitting more effective than any other technology I have tried.

    Graham Kaye, Member of Swiss PGA and Fellow of British PGA, Head National Coach for Swiss Golf Association from 1995-2011 - read more
  • ZENIO is being used very successfully by leading golf retailers to bring putter fitting at their facilities to the next level and to provide their customers with an unprecedented quality of putter selection and putter fitting.

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